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Flat Roofing Liverpool

Being in the Northwest of England, Liverpool sees its fair share of rainy, windy and snowy weather throughout the year. Our geographical position in the British Isles puts us directly in the path of many a storm rolling in from the Atlantic. Given the typical design of a flat roof and considering all the elements the weather can throw at it (or rather on it) it's no supprise flat roofs may at times struggle to deal with these condition in the long term.

Flat Roofing Solutions

Although flat roofs may be the only roofing design permitted given the design of the building they can be extremely strong and durable when designed and installed using modern construction techniques and materials. Old practices from the past 40 to 50 years have left many flat roofs requiring frequent maintenance, however as technologies have advanced modern materials have come to replace and revitalise old and worn out flat roofs resulting in strong and smart looking roofs with some coming with a 25 year guarentee.

We Offer Numerous Flat Roofing Options

Here at Best Roofers we can offer you a wide range of flat roofing products that best suit your property. We have products for every sort of flat roof, from large commercial refurbs to small bay windows. We're firm believers that the roof chooses the product. There are many factors to take in to account when choosing the right product like budget, weather, planning and detail to name a few. Below are the various types of flat roofing options we offer, some may be more suited to particular buildings but whatever building you're looking to install or repair the roof of we have all the answers required to make the process of selection less of a daunting task.

Flat Roofing Liverpool
Liquid Rubber RoofingLiverpool

Liquid Rubber Flat Roofing Liverpool Liquid Rubber Roofing Specialists

Liquid Rubber The Spray Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Liquid rubber has been greatly successful in the North American market for over 30 yrs, where their varied weather extremes are challenging year on year.

An easy seamless waterproof membrane, Liquid rubber is simple to apply and not only is it apply able in most weather conditions it also meets the stringent requirements of British Health and Safety in the commercial and industrial roofing industry.


Fibreglass Flat Roofing Liverpool
Fibreglass Roofing Liverpool

Flat Roofing Liverpool Fibreglass, Kemper and Liquid Rubber

Fibreglass GRP Flat Roofing Liverpool

Over the years the domestic flat roofing sector has seen its fair share of flat roofing products that claim to last forever, I know we have. We go to these roofing conventions every year and every year we come away with another product to test out. But very rarely do any of these products ever do what they say on the tin and so far none of them compare to Fibreglass GRP.

Fibreglass roofing is by far the most effective way to finish and waterproof your flat roof, and replaces all felt-based structures once and for all. And with a life expectancy of over 50 years, fibreglass roofing is very cost effective and totally maintenance free!


Flat Roofing Liverpool
Kemper Flat RoofingLiverpool

Kemper Flat Roofing Liverpool Flat Roofing Specialists

Kemper Liquid Plastics

Gherkin in London, BMW car plant in steyr, and the Empire State building in New York all have one thing in common. Alongside thousands of buildings and structures worldwide, the one thing they all have in common is that they are all protected by KEMPEROL liquid waterproofing system.

Developed in 1957 by Dr Kemper, the company’s first liquid roofing systems was a wet-on-wet, cold liquid applied product, which has a fully fleeced reinforced resin waterproofing membrane. For Over 50 years Kemper System products have demonstrated unravelled performance on billions of square metres across the globe.


Flat Roofing Liverpool - Rubber (EPDM)
EPDM Roofing Liverpool

RubberGard EPDM Rubber Roofing EPDM Flat Roofing

Firestone RubberGard Rubber Roofing Liverpool

Since 1980 Firestone Rubber Guard EPDM, has more than dominated the single ply roofing market due to its proven performance, flexibility and high durability over a hugh range of different building types. EPDM has continued to deliver more than 20 years of roofing success by continuing to maintain its heritage of being a pioneer in rubber polymer technology.

Being able to offer a variety of installation options, including ballasted, mechanically attached or fully adhered, Best Roofers are able to deliver superior long term weather durability, whilst offering exceptional wind uplift resistance.


Flat Roofing Liverpool
Bitumen Felt Roofing Liverpool

Bitumen Felt Roofing Work Bitumen & Felt Roofs

Traditional Felt Roofing Liverpool

When choosing a roofer, we at Best Roofers Liverpool know that there are many considerations that people look for, that’s why all our roofers still use the old traditional roofing methods coupled with modern materials, including bitumen built up flat roofing.

This old traditional product not only gives a great finish, but is cost effective, hence its popularity. Best Roofers give a 10 year guarantee with all our felt flat roofs .Felting a flat roof is done by creating 3 layers of high performance felt which protects the roof from human traffic, and UV radiation, which makes them economical and highly durable.

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