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Some of the country’s best buildings have Lead roofs, as Lead has an enviable record of high performance and longevity. Accept nothing less.

Lead is still as invaluable today as it was hundreds of years ago for the protection of many of our great buildings. If its not being used as a roof covering, it is being used as a gutter or flashing, or a bridge at awkward junctions between walls and roofs. Gutters and roofs made from lead are achieved by laying sheets of metal onto timber boards. Jointing details then allows the sheets to integrate, producing a waterproof surface. Sheets of lead come in very different weights, and are given code numbers. Code 7, as example, is used for large sheets on historic building. The number represents the thickness to weigh 7lb per square foot, and codes 4 or 5 which Are thinner would normally be used for flashings etc.

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