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Here at Best Roofers Liverpool we have always prided ourselves on the excellent quality of the natural slate we supply and the services that we give to our customers, at the most competitive price.

We offer full technical advice on the installation of our natural roof slate and we believe we can offer the best range of samples. All the slate we use is tested to British Standards, and comes with a full manufactures warranty.

Natural slate is a beautiful traditional building material, with a heritage that dates way back to the time of the Romans, it offers aesthetic appeal and durability.

Natural slate is a major factor in the cost of a buildings whole life, which is important since environmental issues are now at the forefront in all areas of the construction industry. A natural slate roof will last the lifetime of the building if laid correctly, and is sustainable, and can also be salvaged and re-used. Tested to BS EN 12326 Part 1, and meeting the highest ratings will be totally unaffected by the normal extremes in temperature, and it is also highly resistant to acid, alkalis, and many other chemicals.

Man made products tend to work the total opposite to Natural slate in that they are liable t to discolouration by acid rainfall and growth of lichens, although a good surface coating can delay this process. Natural Slate, respects the traditional roof, and is a natural product, its features varies in colours, sizes and texture. Natural Slate is highly sort after in conservation areas of the UK, where slate must match existing roofing materials on surrounding buildings./p>

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